Recently I published my MockServer lib. The history behind it is simple — for years I’ve been writing HttpCalloutMock implementations for each new project. I don’t want to do it anymore and instead, I’ve developed a single library where you can easily add stuff.

I split this article into 2 parts. In this first part, I’ll compare the Salesforce provided example of HttpCalloutMock and the same code tested with the MockServer lib. Let’s start!

First, let’s take a look at the code under test:

public class CalloutClass {
public static HttpResponse getInfoFromExternalService() {…

BDD, TDD, and questions to answer

I wanted to post this on LinkedIn, but turned out it’s 600 chars larger, than Li allows. So let it be here.

Several days ago I spoke about BDD and TDD with a friend and former colleague and his new colleagues. And one of them asked "What about A/B testing? Does it makes sense to spend time on BDD/ATDD’ing stuff, that might be thrown away?".

A couple of weeks ago I saw a thread on Twitter from GeePaw Hill about what are the things that the Red-green-refactor cycle of TDD leaves out. …

I had a nightmare that looked like this:

I was trying to manage all those paths but they kept running away, and imports like these were all over the project. I tried to refactor it and eventually woke up in a cold sweat. Thank God we have aliases. So my actual project code looks like this:

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